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Well, since I’ve reached an unexpected number of followers, I decided it was finally time for a giveaway ! !! ! yayy 

There will be two winners : first winner gets a wig of their choice AND a pair of circle lenses. They can be from any shop, I don’t really mind as long as their website is easy to understand. If you need help to find a good online shop, I can help, don’t worry ! Second winner gets a little alpaca plushie, and we’ll decide together in time from which shop it’ll come from because it depends of the color you want, etc. 

Also, here are some rules : 

  1. Only reblogs count (the giveaway won’t happen if this post doesn’t get at least 500 notes)
  2. You have to be following me
  3. No giveaway blogs, ew
  4. You have to be comfortable giving me your address
  5. If the winners don’t answer during the 48 hours after I’ve informed them that they win, I’ll randomly chose another one

I think that’s it, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE !! 

Edit : If this post gets 1000 notes, there’ll be a third winner ! Their price will be a surprise ~

(Also : the giveaway ends on July 15th, every reblog count and I ship internationally)